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Sheet Piling – Hot & Cold Rolled

Aarbro Steel Trading Pty Ltd are your trusted supplier of sheet piling both hot and cold rolled.

Steel sheet piles, also known as drilled shafts or pipe piles, are long structural sections that interlock vertically and create a continuous wall.

The walls are often used to retain either soil or water.

What are the applications of sheet piles?

The main uses of sheet piles are:

  • Retaining walls
  • Breakwaters
  • Environmental barrier walls
  • Underground car parking
  • Bridge abutments


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    Sheet Piling manufacturing methods

    There are two main methods of manufacturing sheet piles. Hot-rolled steel sheet piling and cold-formed steel sheet piling.

    The two types can typically be used interchangeably however, the important difference is the interlock.

    Hot-rolled steel sheet piling is produced at high temperatures, its interlock tends to be tighter than its cold-formed steel sheet pile.

    Looser interlocks are not recommended in extremely hard driving conditions or for walls requiring low permeability.


    What are the different design profiles of sheet piles

    There are three main design profiles for sheet piles. These are Z-type, flat web sheet piles and pan-type sheet piles.


    Flat Web Sheet Piles

    [Body] While most sheet piles rely on their shape to generate strength and stiffness, flat sheet piles are formed into circles to create strength.


    Pan Type Sheet Piles

    Used for lighter loaded walls, pan shaped sheet piles also called hat type, s-type or L-type sheet piles, can be used for drainage streams and residential retaining walls.


    Z-type Sheet Piles

    Typically used for projects that need high strength such as retaining dams or railway tunnels.


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    Our people have been in the steel industry for over 40 years with Aarbro Steel Trading operating in the business of importing steel and tubular steel products since 2014.

    No two projects are the same. For this reason, it’s best to get in touch with a specialist tubular steel supplier who can provide you with the expertise you require.

    Industries We Service

    Aarbro Steel Trading are a supplier of quality steel products to a number of industrial sectors including:

    • Oil, Gas & Water.
    • Mining.
    • Marine (specifically jetty and marine construction).
    • Infrastructure projects (such as railways and bridges).
    • General Construction & Fabrication, including prefab steel and architectural steelwork.

    We also provide a vast range of steel & pipeline products and bulk steel for the Australian distributor and stockist markets.

    Steel Supply Process

    1. We receive your request for quotation.

    2. Source the product.

    3. Quote the client and order received.

    4. Product is manufactured.

    5. Product is cleared for export and shipped to Australia.

    6. Customs/Import process.

    7. Local delivery direct to your project site.

    Contact us today to discuss your steel supply needs.

    Major Projects Completed Recently

    Aarbro Steel Trading have provided quality steel supplies for a number of major industrial projects Australia wide, including:

    63.5mm OD seamless boiler tubes
    63.5mm OD seamless boiler tubes for Hazelwood Power.

    Hazelwood Power, Unit 5 Outage

    12,000 metres of 63.5mm OD carbon steel seamless boiler tubes for Hazelwood Power, Unit 5 Outage.

    914/924/1074mm OD x 12mm & 16mm thick, shipped into Townsville in 27 containers
    914/924/1074mm OD x 12mm & 16mm thick, shipped into Townsville in 27 containers

    Queensland Rail Bridge Project.

    Approximately 650 tonnes of spiral welded pipes, 914/924/1074mm OD x 12mm & 16mm thick, shipped into Townsville in 27 containers, and delivered to their final destination in Tully, FNQ, for the Queensland Rail Bridge Project.

    Why Choose Us

    When it comes to the supply of seamless steel pipes, spiral weld tube and other steel products from offshore, we understand what is important to our clients.

    With our extensive knowledge of Asian steel manufacturers, we are able to offer our clients quality steel products, manufactured to the highest standards, and delivered on time and in full.

    When supplying steel for major construction projects, there's no room for error. You need a quality product, fabricated to your exact requirements, and delivered on time to ensure your project runs smoothly.

    From sourcing your steel to handling all importing and customs requirements, Aarbro Steel Trading will ensure the highest quality services with a smooth transaction from start to finish.


    The owner has a proven record of accomplishment and we are a reputable Australian owned company. We strive to ensure all projects are done with the utmost professionalism using quality materials and manufacturers.


    For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity and fairness, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and subcontractors.


    We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. Our manufacturing partners use the best technology and tools to ensure there are ‘no surprises’ We take great pride in our attention to detail.

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    Large steel pipes for import

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    We service all major cities in Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Geelong, Newcastle, Townsville, Gladstone and more.

    Whatever your project or supply needs, the experienced team at Aarbro Steel Trading will be pleased to discuss how best to meet your specific requirements.

    Look no further for your professional steel supply partner and contact us today for a quote.